Teatimers at Danesfield School is being closed down from the 24th July. We would like to thank all the families who have supported us over the last 3 years and the children who have made it such a fun place to work. Closure is not a decision we took ourselves and does not reflect in anyway on the services we provide. We have worked hard to provide a great service to all our families who have rewarded us with loyalty and we have been much in demand. When we created Teatimers at Danesfield there was an unwritten agreement that we were there for the long term, however the Governors and School have decided to capitalise on our success by starting their own school run service from September.

Using other Teatimers services

In accepting your registration, we committed to providing your family with care until your youngest child goes to Senior school and you will always be welcome to use our other services:

  • We run clubs at Sandygate during half term and holidays.
  • We support Lighthouse week (in summer) with the equivalent or Breakfast and after school club.
  • If you could find a practical way of transporting your child to Sandygate after school we would happily take them.

Mailing list

Once we have sent out the July 2018 booking forms, we will take all Danesfield families off our mailing list. We will set up a new holiday club mailing list and if you wish to get notifications when we are booking for holiday club, then please sign up to it.

What happens to the data we hold on you an your child?

As always, your data will remain confidential. Your family information will be made inactive on our system so that it is not generally available to our staff. If you want to use us again, a manager can reactivate you. The information we have for you must legally be kept for 3 years after you last use us.

Who are / were we sharing your information with.

Our bookkeeper has summary details of your monthly costs and payments and basic information to create you as a customer in the Sage accounting system. We have to keep these records for 3 years.

We send school a daily list of who is attending Teatimers. No other family information will be shared with the school – they should have 99% of it anyway. The rest concerns permissions you gave us, accidents and payments which are not relevant information.

What will happen to the Teatimers Danesfield staff?

Debi and Jim have already left Teatimers for other employment. Alice, Amy and Xiomara are staying with us. Sarah is hoping to stay on at Danesfield.