Hopefully this is everything you need to know. We will update it if we have any extra information or anyone comes up with a good question. Apologies that it is long and proscriptive. It doesnt take many special measures for your child to have a great, Teatimers time when they finally get in. Its just the challenges of doing it safely at the moment.

Last updated Tues 2nd June (Wednesday lunch arrangements)

A whole host of changes have been made on the school site and at Teatimers. Some of these require you to play your part in order to allow the whole school site to work in a function in a safe and effective manner. Please make sure your read them carefully and stick to them

Before you leave home..


As a reminder. Lunch will be taken just after 12 and you need to provide a packed lunch. It will be a sociable and enjoyable time but it is also a messy one that normally involves a lot of adult intervention. At this time we need to do things differently to minimise the potential for transmitting anything. Please observe the following:

  • No more than 4 food items per day.
  • No food that needs heating up.
  • Your child must be able to open their lunchbox and packaging for themselves.
  • Place an ice pack in the lunchbox.
  • Bring a water bottle separate from the lunchbox. No other drinks / smoothies etc should be brought in.

This will ensure staff do not handle your child’s food if at all possible, allowing us the chance to help and interact with everyone instead of spending the whole time washing our hands.

On Wednesday, we will still have lunch, just a few minutes later so please send in a packed lunch.


Please dress your child appropriately for the weather. Every item of clothing, including hats and shoes must be named. We have removed as many fabric and material items as possible from the site and wont be hanging onto lost property for long.

Do not bring your Teatimers bag or spare clothes. If we have to change them, we will use our spares.


If it is going to be sunny you must apply long lasting suncream before you arrive. These are not normal times where we might find some and rub it on for you. If you forget, you will need to go home and apply it. We will be outdoors as much as possible.


If it is going to be hot, they need to arrive wearing their (named) sunhat.


Every summer we put out a plea for appropriate footwear. At this time, children need to be able to manage their own footwear. They also need to be able to run around safely. If worn, crocs or sandals need to fit properly and have ankle straps. Two of the nastiest accidents that have happened at Teatimers have been caused by poorly fitting or inappropriate footwear. This is not the time for a hospital visit.

Other items

If you have followed the above, your child will leave you at the front door in named clothes with suitable footwear a hat and a water bottle. No bags, toys or other personal possessions can come into the building.

Also, if you bring any buggies or scooters, you can’t leave them at the moment so please take them straight home.

Arriving at Teatimers


When you arrive at the school gates, things will look very different. You must enter through the right hand side of the double gates (where cars would normally drive in).

Stick to the right hand side of the car park, close to any cars that may be there, avoiding the school queuing system. When year 1 return to school in 2 weeks this will be even more important as there will be queues in the car park.
When you come through the Teatimers gate please keep to the right. We have created socially distanced waiting areas, marked out in chalk on the floor. I have numbered them to help make sense of the gaps around the outside shelter.

When you get to the front of the queue:

• You will be met by a member of staff at the front door.
• Please leave your lunchbox on the trolley, which will be to the right of the front door.
• Please leave the way you came, again keeping to the right down our path and back ring the car park the way you came.
• Please don’t linger on Teatimers or school grounds. What you do outside the school gates is entirely up to you.

Your child will:

• Be signed in by us
• Go in through the front door to the toilet for supervised handwashing.
• Self register (practice finding their name)
• Collect at the far end as usual.

Once everyone has arrived, the day will begin. The room looks and feels different so there will be a lot to explore. There is much more space – we have had to remove some items, and we don’t need as much equipment for 10 children as we do for 32.
They keyworkers are looking forward to working with smaller groups. It will be a new experience for them too but also a nice one. There is a plan of activities but the first priority is the social side – re-establishing contact and coming together as a group with their keyworker.


Please arrive in the same way as at collection and take your place in the collection queue. You will be called forward to collect your child and lunchbox. They will have washed their hands and collected anything they need to bring home

Session times

Monday & Tuesday. Normal session times between 9 and 3.

Wednesday 9.00 – 11.45 for Bubble 1

MondayBubble 1. Normal sessions between 9 and 3
TuesdayBubble 1. Normal sessions between 9 and 3
WednesdayBubble 1 – 9.00 – 11.45
Bubble 2 – 12.15 – 15.00
This gives us time to reset and disinfect the building between bubbles.
ThursdayBubble 2. Normal sessions between 9 and 3
FridayBubble 2. Normal sessions between 9 and 3


We will provide snacks as usual. one keyworker will serve them from the kitchen instead of allowing them to free choice from the table.


If your child becomes ill during the session we will follow the procedures appropriate to the illness. If there is any suspicion of Coronavirus they will be isolated in the staff cabin and you will have to collect them as soon as possible,
There are a set of documented procedures we have to follow in the event someone catches or is suspected of having coronavirus. This can require you to go and get tested, isolate or the whole group to go into isolation. If the group or keyworker has to go into isolation this will close Pre-School until the isolation period is up.
I’m sure that in these times nobody would dose their child up with Calpol and hope for the best. You should be aware that as the Calpol wears off, children usually tell us what has happened. We understand that for some people these are desperate times, but everyone’s health and livelihood depends on us doing the right thing. For this reason, if we discover that a family has knowingly not told us their child may be sickening then we reserve the right to permanently exclude from Teatimers. Please make sure you call or speak to us if you have any health concerns on the day.


When you are at the front door, there will only be one staff member and a queue of people behind you. If you want to have a longer talk then this can be arranged. Keyworkers have extra time for planning etc and we can arrange for a phone call or video meeting. The same is true if you want to talk to Toby. He is running the Breakfast club bubble and so will be trying not to burst into yours in the wrong way.