September 2021

Updates and new information

As things stand, everything looks good for a return to pretty much how things used to be in September. For the time being we are going back to monthly bookings, the same as we were doing in February 2020. This means there is flexibility in the sessions you request each week and more spaces available. Once things have settled down a but, we plan to run a Parent consultation to see how our families would like bookings to work in future.

September bookings

We are now taking bookings for September 2021.  You can request bookings at any time during the summer. However please be patient over the holidays as we are closed and will be processing bookings less frequently. 

September 2021 Booking form

Terms and Conditions

In making a booking for Teatimers, you are agreeing to our out of school club terms and conditions


Our prices can be found on the booking form or here

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