Charges during lockdown


Teatimers is expected to stay open and we are fully committed to staying open and giving our children the best experience and a slice of near normailty.  The sessions you are committed to are still open and available to you.  If you don’t want to send your child this week (5th – 8th Jan), we fully understand and you will not be charged (and to be fair, we will apply this to a couple of families who are off sick at the moment).

We still have to bear the full costs of remaining open and your agreed sessions are available to you.  For this reason your session charges (funded and unfunded) from Monday 11th still apply as it is your choice not to use something that is fully available to you.

 Update 14 January.  We have had further guidance from the council, and have updated the sections below accordingly.

If you choose not to attend funded sessions

Update 14th January

We have had confirmation from Bucks CC regarding this situation.  If you decide not to attend during lockdown but want to keep your funded places at Teatimers then this is fine with them and they will continue your funding

If you choose not to attend sessions you pay for

We completely understand you have safety concerns, however, we are a business which has had a tough 10 months and there won’t be a government rescue if the money runs out.  To try and help out as best we can, if you decide you are going to keep your child off during lockdown then we will give you 25% off these sessions. If we have to close temporarily, because of a stricter lockdown or for isolation, then you will not be charged for any sessions that you could not have accessed.

If you want to give up sessions

You are committed for the term, but another family might want to take up one or more of your sessions. If you want to give up a session(s) and another family takes it on in addition to their sessions then clearly you won’t be charged for it.  However we can’t guarantee that, once given up, you will be able to get those sessions back until September 2021. 

Out of school clubs

Teatimers has been forced to close by the government to all but keyworker and vulnerable children.  Where you have booked sessions in January, these have been cancelled.  If you had made payment, your account has been credited.

When we have a clearer picture for keyworker children we will rebook your sessions, if you are a ParentZone user you will then be able to see them.

For keyworkers, we will run as many sessions as we can, but we have to be mindful of the actual cost of doing so.   If the booking requests for a session don’t cover the cost of wages, food and materials then we will not take the bookings or run the session.


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