Teatimers management believe that feedback, whether good or bad, is important and must be addressed in order for us to improve our care. Any complaints made at or about Teatimers will be dealt with promptly and fairly. If a person feels strongly enough to raise a concern or complaint then our staff must recognise this and listen with courtesy and respect.

Most concerns can be addressed quickly by discussion with the appropriate member or staff, or the management if you prefer. If you have a concern or complaint, please raise it with us as follows:

Bring it to our attention.

In person – approach any member of staff. They will resolve the issue or escalate to a manager
By Phone or email (this will reach the manager anyway)

We aim to resolve simple matters the following day. If this is impossible, we should be able to demonstrate good progress or resolution to you within 14 days.

If we do not resolve the matter

The matter is now even more serious. Please put your complaint on paper – any format will do, we have a complaint form if you would like to use it.
The manager will investigate your complaint as appropriate to the situation.
Following investigation, the final outcome will be documented ad then discussed at a meeting with you.

If you are still not satisfied

You can request a meeting with both owners. You are welcome to bring a friend or partner if requried,

Final authority

The management and owners of Teatimers are not always the final authority in resolving a complaint.
You have an absolute right to complain to OFSTED at any point (telephone number 0300 123 4666). All we (and they) ask is that you give us the chance to resolve the matter first.
Up to date details on how to complain to OFSTED are on their website, as is information on what they do / do not get involved with.

If your complaint is regarding the saftey or welfare of a child, contact the Buckinghamshire Local Safeguarding Board (LSCB) (www.bucks-lscb.org.uk).

If OFSTED or Bucks LSCB do not take up your complaint then the owners decision is final.

In serious matters, Teatimers may already have a legal duty to inform OFSTED, or the Bucks Safeguarding board. When this happens, they may dictate the way the rest of the process is handled. This does not affect your right to contact them yourself.