Communication with Parents

We use email and text as the main way of communicating specific messages to families. We also have a specific website ( which we use to provide updates as bad weather progresses.

Teatimers Snow Closure Policy


Parents are encouraged to use their own judgement and keep their children home or pick them up early if road conditions appear hazardous.
If Teatimers remains open, booked sessions will be non-refundable and cannot be transferred.
All children must be provided with appropriate outside clothing and a change of clothes as outside play will be permitted if risk assessment allows us to do so.

Closure notification

In the event of snow or other emergencies, Teatimers will post closure notices on our website and our social networking page. Emails and SMS messages will be sent to all parents with children booked in.
Our phones will be manned even if we are closed and our answerphone messages can still be picked up.
Teatimers will notify parents by phone and SMS if they feel they need to close earlier due to extreme weather conditions.


Teatimers will make the decision to close independently of the schools it serves. If enough staff are able to make it in, then our sessions will be available as normal and pre-school will run.
During the holidays, if we decide it safe to open we will run a normal holiday club session and take additional children on a first come first served basis.
The number of children within each session will depend on staff ratios and the managers judgement of safe occupancy levels in the circumstances.