This form is for prospective families to provide us with the information needed to help in the admissions process for January 2020. We hope this is more convenient for you than trying to do it all over the phone

You and your child

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Childs Name

Childs Date of Birth

Do you still want a place at Teatimers in January 2020?
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When would you like to defer to?

Please be aware that in January we only have space for a small number of children and a limited choice of sessions. We do not guarantee that a space will be available

We will move you to the requested waiting list and contact you again nearer the time.
Thank you for your time.

Thankyou for responding to our email. We will remove your details from our system.
To help us improve our service, please can you tell us why you no longer want a place?

If we can help you in any way in the future, please do get in contact with us.

Your Session requirements for January

Please note that we do not currently have any availability for Tuesday mornings.

AM PM Extra sessions
Monday 9-12 12-3 8.30-9 3-3.30
Tuesday 9-12 12-3 8.30-9 3-3.30
Wednesday 9-12 12-3 8.30-9 3-3.30
Thursday 9-12 12-3 8.30-9 3-3.30
Friday 9-12 12-3 8.30-9 3-3.30

Sessions highlighted in blue have activities run by external instructors. There is an additional charge of £2.50 to cover the cost. These are:
- Tuesday morning: Yoga
- Thursday afternoon: Creative Dance
- Friday morning: Playball

The extra sessions are to help families who need to get to work, and there are a limited number available.

Any comments / questions / flexibility in your requirements for January?

Do have any idea of your
future requirements for 2020?

Other providers you use

Does your child currently attend another setting (Nursery / Pre-School / Childminder etc)
If so, which one(s)

Will they be at another setting in
January? If so, which one?

Government Funding

Will your child be 3 before 1st January 2020?

Will you be claiming Government funding with us?
No15 hour Universal Funding30 Hour funding

Will you be splitting your funding with another provider?
Are you eligible for Early Years Pupil Premium?


Will you be claiming 2 year old funding with us?
Will you be splitting your funding with another provider?

Is either parent in the armed forces?


Has your child had a 2 year old check at another setting?

Has your child had a 2 year old check from their health visitor?

Does your child have a disability or any special needs?
(We will discuss specifics over the phone)

Briefly, what is your childs need / disability? (We will discuss further on the phone)

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