Term Time


During term time we provide extended care for children between the hours of 7.45 and 18:00.

Breakfast club runs from 7.45 until the start of school.  Children arriving before 8.15 are offered breakfast.  They are able to play and make use of our equipment until school starts.  Our staff will escort them to school and ensure get their classroom in the same way as all the other children.  Children attending early clubs at Sandygate can still do so as we can easily take them across at the right time.

After school club runs from the end of the school day until 6pm, and you are welcome to pick up at any time.  Children are picked up from the school, brought back and signed in by our staff. Hot tea is provided for all children.  The rest of the time is their own to play and socialise together.  We have a range of activities, both indoor and outside for them to participate in.  Football, ball games and scooting are the most popular outdoor activities and we have enough space to allow different groups to engage in separate activities. Experience shows that children want to be outside in all weather.

Indoors, art and craft activities are popular both for their social value as well as creative output.  We have a lot of toys for children to play with and our space is divided into several areas allowing different sorts of activity to take place. Above all, after school club is a very social place where children play together and burn off the excess energy of the day. Nowadays, children have access to electronics and games in many situations, so we try to focus mostly on social, and imaginative activities.  There are various clubs run at the schools, and we are able to accommodate many of them – still feeding and caring for your child for the rest of the afternoon.  We also have an arrangement with Youth Moves, where their team will pick up and return teatimers children to Sandygate.

Flexible Booking

For all our clubs, we try to be as flexible as possible. There is no requirement to have a fixed pattern of bookings – simply request the sessions you need. You can also make further bookings during the month.  We are emergency backup for many families; when work or some other issue arises a call to us and the school provides care for your children in a place where they know plenty of other children, even if they don’t attend regularly.  We take bookings a month in advance, with the booking form coming out around the 15th of the previous month. More information about when forms come out and what periods they cover can be found on our booking forms page.

Out of Term Time

During the school holidays, half term and Inset days we run a holiday club for school children, beween 7.45 am and 6pm.  This can also be booked as a half day.  We balance the needs of families needing full day care and those looking for activities, by offering an exciting program of varied activities across the week.  Previous examples include tennis, football, multisports, Big Art, Street dance, cinema trips and river trips. Children who are there all day are able to relax and play, take part in the main event and then go back to activities of their choosing.  It is their holiday time and we try to reflect this in what we do. For many of our activities, it is possible just to book to come for the main event itself.
We provide Breakfast and a Hot Tea in the same way we do during term time. You will need to provide a packed lunch.



In order to use our services, you need to be registered with us. There is a one off fee of £30.00 which covers your entire family for their whole time at our of school club. Please click here to get to our registration form.