Update for October

Relatively little has officially changed since we did the September bookings a couple of weeks ago. We have learnt a few things about how things can be improved at Teatimers, but it’s a bit too early to have much industry feedback yet.

In September we offered spaces to:

  • Sandygate children (because there are fewer bubbles so there is less mixing at Teatimers)
  • Holy Trinity children who are siblings of Sandygate children (who are therefore closely linked as a family bubble).
  • Holy Trinity children attending a lot of sessions who can therefore be considered relatively fixed.

For October we are going to use much the same approach but, given what we have learned so far, we feel we can safely fit a few extra Sandygate or Holy Trinity children in. Once again, the tricky bit will be to work out who we can fit in with the least amount of additional risk to everyone on site.

Once again we will have to ask you to commit to a regular pattern for the entire period and again we are not dropping off at clubs at the moment. On the upside, fewer choices does mean we can have a proper electronic booking form that works for everyone. So to request a booking for October, please click here.

Please note though that if we couldn’t help you in September, then we are unlikely to have places for Tuesday or Wednesday after school. We have had much more availability on Monday and Friday so far.

Other notes

Drop off / collection at school is challenging for us.

  • Holy Trinity children will wait near the school with our staff until it is their time to go in and again as they come out. There will only be 1 walk between Trinity and Sandygate so make sure your child has a good raincoat.
  • Sandygate children will be picked from the back of the school. They will need a raincoat as there will be waiting around outside.

Last month we mentioned a trial of an app to sign your child in and out. This turned out not to be any more hygenic or efficient so we are not progressing it.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.



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