ParentZone is an app that enables parents to interact with us, see their childrens progress and their family information. It has different uses, depending on whether yo have childrenat Pre-School or Out of School / holiday club.

All our families can

  • View your current balance, bills and payments
  • Find and resend any mass communications or text messages we have sent you
  • Review your and your childs data and send us corrections

Pre-School families

ParentZone was designed with Pre-Schools and Nurseries in mind. You can use it to see:

  • Special “moments” we capture as photos or videos
  • All observations we record about your childs developing skills and abilities.
  • Assessments we make of your childs progress

For out of School families

  • See all your current and past bookings at any time of day or night. No need to call or email.
  • We can securely share any special photos or videos we take during holiday club with you.

ParentZone does not allow you to make or cancel bookings.

More information

To get access to ParentZone, please contact us.

Answers to questions


Why cant I see my bills, payments and balance?

You are not set up as your Child’s bill payer. By default we set a child’s mother as the bill payer.

I cant see the bills for all my children?

You have children attending Pre-School and out of School. When this happens we set one parent up as the Pre-School bill payer and the other as the out of school bill payer. This ensures we produce bills that we can all understand.

A friends child is appearing in my Today tab

This should be because they named you as someone who can pick that child up. You should not be able to see any important details.

My recent payment isn't showing in ParentZone

This is probably deliberate. At busy times, safeguarding, bookings, safeguarding and staffing get priority over the accounts.

Can I pay my bill through ParentZone?


How to I make or cancel a booking?

ParentZone is not able to do this. Please use our booking form or give us a call.


I can't see what my child has done at Pre-School today

This is probably correct. The two reasons for creating a record are:

  • We captured something really extra special and wanted to share it with you.
  • We saw something worth adding to a your childs development records.

So its quite normal not to see an update. Our staff are with your children all the time, not tapping away at their tablets.

Pre-School has just published an observation made several days ago. Why?

Our observations are usually written up when staff have designated time away from the children and are then moderated by managers, in batches. This way we can put the children before the paperwork.

What is the difference between an 'Observation' and a 'Moment'?

  • A moment is something precious and personal that we want to share with you whilst it is still current (and precious). It isn’t linked to the curriculum, just special and worth sharing.
  • An observation is an important record of progress, linked to the relevant part of the curriculum, which don’t have to be precious.
  • How a child is starting to hold a pencil is an important, if unexciting observation. When they do something cute whilst with the pencil, that is probably a moment.

Questions and Feedback

We are learning how to get the best use out of ParentZone, and your questions and feedback are a really important to help us do this. This app is only used by Parents (our staff have something different) so we really need your input to help make it special.

ParentZone Feedback and Questions