• No Nuts or nut based products
  • Grapes to be cut in half lengthways
  • No drinks other than water
  • No chocolate spread


  • Please dont regularly send chocolate bars.
  • Something with a bit of chocolate in it is OK
  • Nut free peanut butter is available, but you need to tell us if you use it

The Routine

  • Hands are washed before lunch
  • Lunch starts after we have sung a prayer
  • Savoury is eaten before sweet
  • Rubbish is thrown away.
  • If food comes back, it is because we want you to know it wasnt eaten
  • All children sit at the table for 20-25 minutes.
  • There is a cutoff time around 12.45-12.50.
  • Hands are washed after lunch

The advice and ideas

Our (pre-school parents) generation has much higher obesity problems and may turn out to have a lower life expectancy than our parents generation. The whole point of healthy eating, and the various government and charitable strategies we hear so much about, is not to pass our problems on to the next generation.

Healthy eating is part of the EYFS curriculum that your child follows from birth to the end of reception year.

A great place to look for more information is the childrens food trust website.

Lunchbox ideas:

Believe it or not, the following foods have been sent into Teatimers and willingly eaten

  • Sushi
  • Hummus
  • Whole sweet pepper (the small ones)
  • Salami / proscutio
  • Olives

And finally, when you have thought it through so much that all you can visualise is a cheese and ham sandwich, break things up for a change.

    • Roughly chop some cheese and ham and put them in a pot.
    • Add some cucumber, tomato or crunchy veg they might eat.
    • Butter a slice of bread, cut and wrap in clingfilm (or use crackers instead).

Its basically the same thing, just presented differently to make lunch more interesting.