Preschool places in September 2023

September starts

Every summer, at least half our children finish with us to move up to reception in September.

This makes September the best time of year to join Teatimers.  There are plenty of spaces for new families and the days you really want are available

As we get into January, we begin to get quite full and only take on a few extra children.

Which schools do our children go onto?

As we are in the grounds of Sandygate School, we have always been a natural choice for Sandygate families.  However, we are popular with families who ultimately choose other schools in the area.  This year, nearly 40% of our leavers will move up to other schools in the area.

What to do next

If you are interested in a place, do get in touch.  Alternatively, you can fill in an application and we will contact you (there is no commitment to taking up a place at this stage).

We would love you to come and have a look around – just give us a call and we will arrange a suitable time.

If you decide to go ahead, we will then agree your sessions and share / gather all the necessary information together.

We can offer your child a taster session in June or early July.  The September term begins with a staggered start so that each child gets more adult support to settle in.

Why is there less choice later in the year?

Our first priority is to give each child the very best early years education we can.  Each child has a keyworker, responsible for their wellbeing for their time at Teatimers. Each keyworker has a small keywork group of children who will be of broadly similar age.

We take up to 32 preschool children in any given session. Once its full, we can only offer alternative sessions.  For obvious reasons, morning sessions are the most popular, but the most popular days do change each year.

More subtly, our keyworker groups get full. When this happens, we offer new places to children who fit most naturally into the keyworker groups.