Start of Preschool term

Update 4 January 21:00.

At the moment, everything we have said below remains true.  If anything changes we will be in touch.

As things currently stand, we will be reopening Pre-School on Tuesday 5th as planned. This is being done in line with Government guidance. The current situation does require us to be as careful and secure as possible so it is important that you read and follow the points set out in this post.


What you need to keep in mind

  • Social distancing whilst queueing
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Layers for warmth
  • Blue bags only
  • Stay alert for symptoms

The changes we are making are about tightening up our practices to keep Teatimers as safe as possible.  It is important that each family plays their part by reading and sticking to the points below.

1. Remain socially distanced, wearing your face mask, when queuing up at pickup / drop off. Please do not linger in Teatimers or School grounds.

2. Remember to make your child use the hand sanitiser as they come in. Hopefully you have continued to ensure your child is washing their hands properly over Christmas; we will be continuing to teach this as an everlasting life skill, not a covid restriction.

3. The only ventilation at Teatimers comes from the Windows and doors, and we have to ventilate the room to be Covid secure. In any case, our back door is open a lot to allow children to go in and out at will. The flip side of this is that Teatimers will be colder at the moment and, whilst we can still do it, warming a cold child up will not be as simple as just bringing them indoors. With the current weather, you need to ensure that your child has layers of clothing for cooler indoor conditions as well as coats or jumpers for outdoors.

4. Mosly not not a Covid thing but…. Each family was supplied with a blue Teatimers bag for a specific, practical reason, which is to prevent lots of wide rucksacks being sent in. With all the coats, jumpers and bags required at this time of year, there is not enough space on your childs peg unless the blue bags are hanging down below their coats – rucksacks actually hang across the pegs on either side preventing other children from hanging their own things. This term, please remember that the only bags sent in must be Teatimers draw string bags (or any similar low hanging drawstring bag), and that all bags / jumpers / coats must be taken home at the end of every session. Your peg has to be cleaned and used by someone else outside of preschool hours.

5. You need to remain alert for the symptoms of Covid in your family. Stay away and get tested if there is any doubt – do not give Calpol or hope for the best. Teatimers is one bubble and, like so many similar places, our continued operation hangs by a slender thread that depends on everyone following the rules properly. I would remind you that, as per earlier communucations, we reserve the right to exclude any family where deliberate flouting of the Covid restrictions puts the rest of us at additional risk.

In the event that we do get a confirmed case of Coronavirus, it is almost certain that Teatimers will close (including our out of school clubs) for an isolation period. Once a number of our staff are isolating, we wont have enough staff left to run services for all the children who are unaffected.

Happily though, the end of Coronavirus may now be in sight. I can live with most of the changes we have made to our daily Teatimers routine, but most of all I hate not being able to welcome Parents into the building. Having missed out on our leavers party last summer, I do hope we can squeeze some proper hellos and a tea party before the next leavers party comes round.

Happy new year



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