Subject to Government approval and parental agreement to our plans, our Pre-School will reopen on 1st June. 

As with all schools and settings, we start this process with the building we have.  It has to be adapted as best we can, and the number of children reduced to what we believe will give a safe result within the guidelines set by the government.  

Having reviewed our options, we believe we have come up with a workable, safe plan that allows us to provide a slice of Teatimers for the remainder of the term. 

We are splitting the week into 2 ‘bubbles’: 

Bubble 1

Monday 9-3,

Tuesday 9-3

Wednesday 9-11.45

Bubble 2

Wednesday 12.15 – 3

Thursday 9-3,

Friday 9-3. 

We have allocated children into these bubbles based on their friendship groups.  If there is a specific need to change to the other bubble, we can only do this if another child needs to swap in the other direction.  There will be no swapping possible until the end of term or the government advice / procedures change. 

Each bubble will contain 10 children and 2 staff members. Each staff member will have 5 children and become their new keyworker.  For much of the time, these groups will work separately but this will not be possible at all times.  We feel this compares favourably with schools which are operating bubbles of 15 children. 

The results of the questionnaire we sent out fit quite well with the spaces we have available so we will send out a separate communication to parents about the places we have allocated, the special arrangements we have in place and the details of what we are doing to keep everyone as safe as possible.