Welcome to Teatimers

At Teatimers we provide great childcare to meet a variety of needs and outcomes.  For school age children, our clubs give you access to care from 7.45am to 6pm. Sandygate Pre-School is for younger children, helping them develop their confidence and skills.

Sandygate Preschool

At Pre-School, our motto is learning through play.  We provide children a wide range of activities, based on a set of themes.  These comprise a mix of structured group activities and free choice of other activities that follow the early years curriculum.


During term time we provide Breakfast club and After School club.  Drop off from 7.45 and we will provide your child with breakfast and take them to school for you. After School, we pick them up for you, give them a hot tea and keep them happy, engaged and entertained until you pick them up.