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After School club at Juniper Hill School

We are proud to annouce that we are opening a new after school club at Juniper Hill school in September 2022.  More information will follow as we get closer to the end of Summer term.

Interested in a place from September?

It would really help us if we knew how many children to plan spaces for in September.  Its all about having enough staff to meet demand.  We have created this form for any family who thinks they will use us (you arent making a commitment at this stage).

Our Sessions

To begin with we are offering two options after school.

  • A full session until 6 pm. This includes a hot tea
  • An early pickup (by 4.30 pm) which does not include tea.



More information


In order to use our services, you will need to register with us, so that we have all the information we need to care for your child.  There is a one off registration charge that covers all your children until the youngest finishes year 6.  This also covers use of our Holiday club in Marlow.

Juniper Hill families can now register with us via this link


Most bookings are made monthly, allowing parents to plan ahead. We also accept bookings at very short notice.
For our regular families we will remind you when it is time to book so that you can continue your regular bookings.
Booking opens on the 15th of the previous month. Regular bookings can be made via our website. Ad hoc or last minute bookings can be done over the phone or by email.


Always try to pay using Tax Free Childcare (or childcare vouchers if you still get them). Effectively, they make your bill 20% cheaper.  The majority of our parents pay this way

Any additional payments can be made by bank transfer from your account to ours.



Other School Clubs

We can collect your child from other clubs running at school and bring them to Teatimers for the rest of the afternoon.  Clubs usually finish before tea time, so we expect to give your child a hot tea.


Clubs running outside school

If you are picking your child up early to go to a club or activity, they can get changed with us before you arrive.  Make sure they have the necessary named clothes in a named bag.

We cant collect from clubs that run off site.

Support for separated families

Parents have separated, can each have an account for their child so they can just pay for the sessions they have booked.

If you prefer to split the costs your own way, multiple payments are fine with us and we will do what we can to support this.

When to pay (and all about invoices)

We ask for payment around the time of booking to secure your sessions.  You can work out the cost on the booking form and we can confirm it as requried.

We do offer the flexibility to add, move or cancel extra sessions during the month. Everyone needs this from time to time and some families need it a lot.  Our process is designed so that you can understand your account despite whatever life throws at you.

So we do not routinely send out invoices, but can provide one on request.  Who does this affect and why?

I just make booking for the month and change nothing.

Your booking form gives you the cost anyway (or we can confirm it).  Most familes in your situation would have paid before the invoice arrived anyway. Your account will always be easy to understand, and when you query it we can show you an up to date invoice as required.

I booked, then had to make several changes

Your records always contain one up to date invoice for each month. This months invoice updates as you make changes, and is only final at the end of the month.

If we sent a new invoice every time you added, moved or cancelled a session your account would eventually get so complex that you couldn’t check it.

Mostly we manage your balance.  Inevitably you will end up with a small debt or credit at the end of the month and you just adjust the next payment accordingly. 

So what is my balance?

We can tell you at any time.

I need an invoice

Not a problem. We have a few different formats depending on what you need it for.  Just lest us know what you need.

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