Terms and Conditions

Below are our terms and conditions for Out of School Bookings.  When you sign your booking form, it includes a statement that you agree to to them so please do take the time to understand the key points.


  1. Bookings are available a month in advance, as shown on the booking forms available on our website.
  2. We do not accept bookings for any future dates not already on our booking forms.
  3. Your main booking for the month must be made using a booking form.
  4. Additional bookings may be made via email or phone.
  5. Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis. If we do not have space, we will contact you.


  1. Full advance payment is required to secure your booking.
  2. Payment can be made by voucher, bank transfer, cash or cheque.
  3. We reserve the right to charge interest on outstanding debt.

Notice Periods

  1. If 7 days’ notice is given of a cancellation, a credit will be applied to your account.
  2. If we have a waiting list and another family takes your cancelled session, you will be credited the full cost of the session irrespective of when you cancel.
  3. Cancellations or non-attendances will not be credited or refunded.

Non Attendance

  1. If your child is not going to attend a club, for example for sickness or a playdate, you must inform Teatimers. Their school does not inform us.
  2. If your child fails to follow your instructions and does not come to the designated pickup point, we will assist their school to make every effort to locate them. This will include calls to anyone on your designated contacts and the police if necessary.
  3. If a child has incorrectly left the site, they have not entered Teatimers care and remain the responsibility of the school. Once they are located, if they need to be brought to Teatimers you will need to arrange this with the school.
  4. Failing to let us know that your child is not coming impacts all the other children in our care. If you fail to let us know that your child is not attending, we reserve the right to add a charge to your account or in serious cases withdraw our service.

Late Pickup

1. Our buildings are rented / licensed up to 18:00 each night. A late pickup fee applies to any family arriving after this time.
2. We reserve the right to increase our late pickup fees for repeated late pickups.


  1. Nobody will be permitted to enter Teatimers until the start of the session. If you arrive early you will be asked to wait outside until the session begins.
  2. Children under the age of 8 must be brought to the club by an adult. This applies even if an older brother or sister is coming with them.
  3. Parents / carers are responsible for their children until they have entered the club and been signed in. 
  4. Parents who wish to stay a few minutes with their child are welcome in the session.


  1. Children must be signed out of the club when you leave.
  2. Parents and carers are welcome to come into the club and see what is happening.

Parking & Access – Sandygate Site

  1. Parents are not permitted to park in the school car park at any time, during term or holiday time.
  2. Parents seen parking by school or Teatimers will be charged £5. Payment is required to ensure continued attendance at Teatimers. Please note, childcare vouchers cannot be used for parking charges.
  3. The only official entrance for Teatimers to the site is via “Big Gate” on Sandygate Road. If Little gate, or the gate next to reception are locked then you will have to go round.
  4. Dogs are not permitted anywhere on the Sandygate school site.


  1. Child safety is of paramount importance to us, and we have designated child protection officers.
  2. If we do not recognise the person who comes to collect, we will ask for proof of identity.
  3. If we have no record of the person coming to collect a child, we will not allow them to leave until we can be satisfied we have parental consent.
  4. If the person who arrives to collect a child is not in a fit state (be that through drink, other substances or for any other reason that concerns the session leader), we will not allow the child to leave with the adult. Alternative pickup arrangements will be sought, or in extreme cases the police and social services will be contacted.
  5. Children are not allowed to leave our care unattended. Older children, with written parental consent, may be allowed to leave in specific circumstances where arrangements are made to ensure they reach their destination. These arrangements are made on a case by case basis and may be withdrawn by Teatimers or Parents at any time.
    6. Mobile phones must not be used whilst on Teatimers premises, and photography is not permitted. Adults are not permitted to enter the building whilst using a mobile phone, and are not permitted to use one whilst on site.
  6. Children with mobile phones, cameras (or any device that incorporates a SIM card or Camera) must give them in at the start of the session. Any child found using such a device will be stopped, required to prove that it has not been used inappropriately and their parents informed. If they have taken any photographs, these will be deleted. During holiday club, devices without an independent network connection (i.e no SIM card) may be brought in and used at specified times.

Medication & Sickness

  1. Teatimers follows the same policy on exclusion for sickness as the school. If we discover a child has been sent to Teatimers who should not be there due to sickness they will be sent home and the school informed.
  2. If it is necessary to give a child medicine, then this will be done. Parents should take all steps possible to ensure that a child has prescription medicine that can be given at home. We recognise that some children could be away from home 7:45 until 18:00 and may need a dose of medicine during this time. Prescription medicines must be given to Teatimers and a medication form filled in before we can administer it.
  3. We will give medicines such as calpol when it is to relieve pain for a condition that does not stop them being in school (for example a broken arm). We will not administer these medicines in the case of illness such as fever unless a doctor has prescribed them.

Lost Property

  1. All clothes and possessions must be named.
  2. Teatimers makes every attempt to reunite possessions with their owners. Items that are unclaimed for more than a month will be recycled or disposed of.

Employment of Teatimers Staff

  1. Teatimers staff are permitted to babysit or look after children in their own time. Any arrangement you enter is private between you. Teatimers has no involvement in this and accepts no responsibility to you or the staff member in the event anything untoward happens.
  2. If a member of Teatimers staff leaves to enter your employment, or enters your employment within 3 months of leaving, you agree to pay us a fee equivalent to 2 months average termly wages before tax.
  3. If a member of Teatimers staff enters your employment, and reduces the hours they work at Teatimers to do so, you agree to pay us a fee equivalent to 2 months average termly wages for the hours they are not doing with us

Information security

  1. Teatimers takes its data protection responsibilities seriously.
  2. The data we hold is necessary to ensure your child’s safe ongoing care, and you are welcome to inspect the data we hold on you at any time. 
  3. It is important that you keep us up to date with any changes in your contact details or address.

All the above terms and conditions are contained within our policies and procedures. These are available for inspection at the club at any time.

Terms & Conditions V5 – 6/2/2019