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    Please use this form to apply for a place for your child in our PreSchool. You can do this at any time from birth onwards and it does not commit you to taking up a place when the time comes.

    You and your child

    Your child's date of birth Your home address

    Your preferred Sessions

    This gives us a guide to your current thinking. It is not a commitment and you can change your mind. We will ask again as part of offering a place.

    Morning Sessions (9-12)

    Afternoon Sessions (12-3)

    Preferred Start date

    We can take children into Pre-School the term after they turn 2. Usually we only take children in at the start of each term. As a rule, we are full by the Easter term so you may need to wait until September for a place. We have the most choice and space available in September, because many of our children will have left to go to school.
    Please note. It is unusual for us to have spaces after Easter and your application will likely need to move to September or January when the time comes.


    What is the minimum number of sessions?

    Our current minimum is 2 sessions per week, though we strongly recommend more as there is a limit to how many opportunities we can provide in this time.

    Can I have an ad-hoc preschool session if I need cover?

    Yes.  When you really need us, we will find an ad hoc space if at all possible.  Even if a session is full, holidays and sickness can often create the space you want.  Let us know what you need and we will do our best for you.

    When will I know if I have a place?

    When we receive your application form, you will be placed on our waiting list. Admissions generally get underway the term before you want to start (so Late May and October).  As part of that process we will reconfirm your requirements and then start to allocate and confirm places.

    When will I be billed?

    We send out Pre-School bills twice a term.  It is always a couple of weeks into the term so that our invoices reflect reality rather than what we expected to happen. 

    When can I change the session my child attends?

    In general, in taking a place you commit to those sessions for the term and we plan everything based on this attendance.  If you wish to drop sessions, this can be done at the end of term.  If you wish to switch a session to a different day or add a session we will do so where space and resources allow.

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