Covid update February 2022

The Government has published its strategy for Living with Covid and many of the restrictions we have become used to have now enede.  Below we outline our approach in response to the advice for Preschool and out of school clubs.

Safer behaviours:  The behaviours that were recommended to help prevent the spread of Covid, most notably especially hand washing and tissues, will always be important in our lives.

Let’s not kid ourselves – your child does not wash their hands properly.  Unless they are frequently supervised and corrected, they won’t do it adequately and rapidly forget the basics.  This is especially noticeable at the start of term.

  • Preschool children are still learning this skill and need to be taught and reminded by all the significant adults in their lives.
  • School age children should have mastered this skill and be consistently washing their hands properly with minimal reminding.  The vast majority of these children (at least 90%) will not do a thorough handwash unless supervised and around 50% will wash all soap off in under 2 seconds so that it never gets to work.

Symptoms and testing.  If your child has Covid symptoms then please get a test.  In line with Government advice, staff and pupils who test positive should stay at home and avoid contact with other people for at least five full days and then test-to-release from Day 5 onwards by receiving two negative test results on consecutive days, 24 hours apart.

Close contact testing.  If you are aware that you are a close contact, you are no longer required to do LFD tests yourself unless you have symptoms.

Face coverings: These are no longer required at pickup / drop off or when coming into the building.

Twice weekly testing.  Our staff are no longer required to undertake regular LFD testing.