Covid Updates December 2021

13th December

 warningsdfs’ Up until December, Teatimers has had a lucky run through Covid.  A few children and staff have had it, but sheer luck meant they hadn’t been on site immediately before falling ill.

This month however, we have had 3 known positive cases within the building and more families have been off so we have to prepare for the worst case.  

We are short of 2 key members of the Preschool team.  This will not affect the Preschool experience your children have in the last week of term.

Teatimers is a small team. For all our contingency planning, if Covid takes hold amongst the rest of our staff we may quickly run out of the people. If we are forced to close any sessions, each listed  parent will receive notification via email and text message. 

Actions for parents for the rest of term:

  • We advise you have a backup plan in mind for the rest of the week, just in case we are unable to run one of your sessions.
  • Keep a really close eye on your child’s health.  Do not send them in if there is any uncertainty as we may not accept them into the session.
  • Remember your face mask.
  • Practice handwashing with your child – perhaps 5 children at Teatimers (Preschool and Out of school) are 100% every time.  So just assume your child is not one of them.
  • Keep your child dressed warmly – we cant be well ventilated and toasty warm indoors.  Its a balancing act.

What we are doing to keep the spread to a minimum

  • Increased ventilation and monitoring.
  • Increased cleaning frequency of touchpoints.
  • Greater handwashing supervision.
  • We will be isolating anyone we are concerned about until you collect them. They will be able to return after a negative PCR test.
  • No visitors or parents will be allowed into the building for the rest of term.