Hot weather

Preparing for hot days

In really hot weather we need to be prepared in order to keep your child safe and comfortable whilst they are at Teatimers.  Just like most schools, there is no air conditioning at Teatimers. In this post, we look at the things that preschool and after school parents need to consider each day.

Water bottles

Most important of all is to keep drinking.

At breakfast club, we will encourage every child to have at least one cup of liquid and encourage them to have a drink before they set off for school.

In after school club, children should have their school water bottle with them.  We will refill these as necessary, and they will be used at tea time.

In preschool, children must always be sent with a water bottle.  We will encourage them to drink frequently during the day as well as at snack and lunch times.



Appropriate Preschool clothing

Preschoolers need to have lightweight clothing that will not cause them to overheat. Long hair must be tied up.

Your preschool child must always have a change of clothing with them – now is a good time to make sure this still fits and is suitable for this weather.

Shoes must be practical. No flip-flops and crocs only if they have heel straps.  Preschoolers are not physically developed enough for such footwear in our environment.

Sunhats and long hair

If its hot and sunny, we expect your child to wear a sunhat when they are outside so please ensure they have one with them.

We do have a small number of spare sun hats which your child will have to choose from if they dont have their own.

Please remember to name your sunhat, else it may end up as another of our spares.


Long hair must be tied up at all times.  Fans will be running and older children will be tall enough to try to get close to them.


You must apply your own suncream to your child before they come to Teatimers (or school).  There are brands available that should last all day and it is important you choose one that will protect them for the full time they are away from you.

Suncream is a tricky thing to share – some people have reactions to different creams which can be very unpleasant given that a large area of the body will be affected.  Guidance issued by Bucks CC in 2021 requires us to treat suncream as a medicine.  If your child needs a special suncream for allergy reasons then please speak to us and we will provide you with a medicine form.

Being practical, we cannot get suncream onto any siginificant number of children without dropping all the other things we should be doing for them.

If your child has not had suncream applied, they may be limited in the areas we allow them to go to.



In hot weather, please put lunch in an insulated lunch bag, with an adequately sized cold pack inside.  Few things are less appetising than a warm sweaty sandwich.

We make every effort to keep lunchboxes in the coolest place we can, but there is no fridge to put them in so it is really important that you do what you can to help keep lunch cool.

Staff Uniform

When it gets really hot, we relax our staff dress code so you may have to look a bit harder for us.


Precautions we take

  • Spare sunhats
  • Monitoing /  watching
  • Shaded areas
  • Fans
  • Ice
  • Ice pops
  • Squash
  • Water sprays
  • Paddling pool
  • Changed menus