How to book

Our out of school club bookings are flexible.  You book the sessions you require, with no commitment to a fixed pattern, set number of weeks or lengthy notice period.  Where space permits we take late bookings, sometimes with as little as a few minutes notice.

To make this possible, we take bookings on a monthly basis.  Our ‘months’ are whole weeks – always beginning on a Monday, not the 1st of the month.

To make your monthly booking please use the booking form, which you can download from our website.  Whilst you can return it to us in person, most families take a picture of it and email it in.  

You can make ad hoc, last-minute bookings via phone or email but we do require a signed, traceable, form for the bookings at the start of the month.

Bookings are made on a first come first served basis and payment in advance is required to secure the places.  The booking form enables you to calculate the payment and you can see your ongoing balance via our ParentZone app.


What is different in the COVD crisis

Being Covid Secure means we have to work very differently for the time being in order to prevent too much mixing of children.

For the time being, we are still taking bookings a month at a time but you will have to commit to the same pattern of sessions each week of that month.

Although this does suit a lot of families, we are keenly aware this means that it doesnt work for many more.  We will go back to flexible bookings as soon as possible,

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