January 2021 lockdown


Following the government announcement this evening, it appears that Pre-School will stay open.  Our plan is to follow this guidance but making a plan with 12 hours notice may mean things are a little bumpy.  At present there is no guidance that says we have to make significant changes like we did in June, but if changes are required we will update you.

It would be really helpful if you could fill in the questionnaire below so that we have an idea what to expect in the morning.

Our new starters this term are still welcome with open arms.  

Please click here to access the questionnaire

Out of School

As a result of the government announcement, Breakfast and After School clubs are closed to all but the children of keyworkers.  With no opportunity to plan for this in advance, Breakfast club on the 5th January is closed as we don’t know who our keyworkers families are.

Going forward we will be opening Breakfast / After School club sessions if there is sufficient demand that we aren’t operating at a loss.  Children will need to be accepted into Sandygate or Trinity school.

If you are classed as a keyworker and want to access our services, please click here and fill in this form