Clubs that run at Sandygate School

Clubs running in Sandygate School

We can pick up and drop off at any clubs running in Sandygate school (before and after school).  We can do the following clubs in the same way as Parents:

There are additional options for other clubs which are described separately in this section.


Holy Trinity clubs

Regretfully we cannot collect from  any Holy Trinity clubs.  However, if you can get your child to us (often via another parent) then they can still come.

Offsite clubs and activities

We can also get your child changed ready for other clubs you are taking them on to after school (i.e. Beavers, Brownies or swimming).  Let us know what we can do to help.


Marlow School of dance runs ballet classes at Sandygate on a Tuesday.  They run a number of sessions and we can work these into a Teatimers session for you.

The first session of the afternoon is soon after school. so we offer the option of getting your child changed to save you the need to come in and do it yourself.

For the rest of the classes, we can bring the children to and from Teatimers as needed.  The options we currently offer are:

  • Ballet Change.  Getting your child into ballet clothes for the first class of the afternoon.
  • ‘Club Drop off.’  Coming to Teatimers, going to a lesson starting before tea but not being picked up by us.
  • After School session.  Coming to Teatimers, going to a lesson and being picked up by us.  Hot tea fitted in around the ballet lesson.