We offer pickup and drop off from any on site school clubs as part of our service. We are happy to organise this for any on site clubs. If a club does not start straight after school, we will take to and collect from the club.

If the club falls across tea time, children will still be given hot tea. Usually, food is held back and served once the children come back from the club.

If your child is attending a club, please let us know in advance. This is really important, as searching the school for a missing child is time consuming and impacts on the other children. We maintain a list of the clubs our children attend, so even if you don’t use us regularly we will still get your child to the right club.

There is no additional charge for club pickup / drop off, the cost of the session remains at our full standard rate.
If your child is attending a later club (for example Judo from 16:15 to 17:15) we do offer two options:

1. We take your child to the club, pick them when it finishes and give them hot tea. You pick up from us by 6pm. This is charged at the normal session rate.
2. We take them to the club and you pick him up from there. No hot tea is provided so the session is charged at a reduced club rate.