Ways to pay

We have a range of electronic ways to pay. We strongly advise all parents to look at Tax Free childcare or company childcare voucher schemes.  They can be used to pay for all our services, and do save families significant amounts of money.  For more details on these schemes, please visit the government’s funding options page.

Tax Free Childcare (TFC)

This is the Government’s current scheme that helps you pay reduced rates for childcare. It is a simple scheme that most families qualify for, and works as follows.

  1. You transfer money into your TFC account.
  2. The Government adds 20% to this.
  3. You can then pay us from your TFC account.

So TFC means you pay 20% less for your childcare.

For more information, to check if you qualify and to set up an account, click here


Bank Transfer

If you cannot access TFC or Vouchers, or need to top them up, then Bank Transfer is our preferred means of payment.  Please ensure that you put your childs name (or your billpayer reference) in the payment description.

Please contact us to request our bank details

Childcare Vouchers

This is an older scheme which is being phased out and is no longer open to new applicants.  However for some families, this represents better value than Tax Free Childcare if you can get it.

Vouchers are a salary sacrifice scheme – employers pay a set amount of your wages to a voucher provider each month.  This is is done before tax is applied, so effectively you get relief at your highest rate of tax.

Not every employer offered these, and the schemes are closed to new applicants.  If you are in a voucher scheme, do your sums carefully before coming out of the scheme.

Teatimers accepts voucher payments from all the major providers, and will register with any others that Parents want us to. 

You will be able to pay us direct from most providers websites.  If you use Edenred, our reference number is  P20180091 

We do not take card payments or payments via our website or ParentZone App.